The Next Step

Hi folks,

The next thing that needs to happen is for the 5 City JPA Reps (Berkeley, Albany, Richmond, Emeryville & El Cerrito) to approve the City of Berkeley’s recommendation for a new field with a shock pad an cork infill. The JPA will meet this Wed, 5/24, to discuss Berkeley’s proposal. The JPA Reps will then take this information back to their city councils to discuss.

Next action items:
  • Please call or e-mail as many of your local city council members as you can, to ask them to support the City of Berkeley’s recommendation for the Gilman Fields renovation with a shock pad and cork infill. Mention that you live in their city and you hope they will support the safest option for Gilman Fields. If you don’t reach them directly, leave a message!
  • If you live in Berkeley, let your council members know that you support the City’s proposal, and thank them for their leadership.

Here are the URLs for each city. Click on your city’s link to get the phone numbers and email addresses.


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