A safer field – how much more would it really cost?

Here is an estimation of the incremental cost of Safer Gilman Turf on a per athlete basis:
•  approximate incremental cost of shock pad and related work = $300K
•  cork infill costs the same or less than crumb rubber
•  a shock pad has a 16-year warranty
•  assume that the Gilman Turf user groups represent a total of 10,000 athletes
$300K / 10,000 athletes = $30 / athlete
$30 / 16 years = about $2 / year / athlete
We don’t yet know if these incremental costs will be paid by the JPA cities, user group fees, other means, or a combination of sources.
Even if it’s $400K and 8,000 athletes, that’s $50 /athlete, or about $3 / year / athlete.
This is a really good deal in exchange for improved safety and reduced environmental impact.  Furthermore, and perhaps most important to the five cities, it’s a cheap way to reduce potential liabilities, by adhering to current construction standards that call for shock pads, and by applying the precautionary principle and avoiding crumb rubber.  It’s especially important to avoid crumb rubber now, as tires manufactured in China, with higher levels of toxic substances, are moving into the supply of pellets.

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