Important Meetings

Please join us for these upcoming important meetings:

Saturday, March 18th 10:00am
Frances Albrier Community Center (San Pablo Park, Berkeley)

This is a special meeting of the Parks & Recreation Commission to discuss proposals for spending of the T1 bond funds.

We are requesting funds from this bond measure to cover the additional costs that we anticipate the safer turf material to cost. (This amount is approximately $300,000).

Please come at 10am and bring a sign or paper you can hold up that says “SAFE GILMAN TURF”. This way you can show support without having to speak.

Saturday, March 25th 10am-12:00pm
Frances Albrier Community Center (San Pablo Park, Berkeley) 

Same room one week later, different meeting. At this meeting, the Project Team (Landscape Designers and City of Berkeley staff) will present the summary of the work they have done since Jan 28th. They will present their recommendations about which turf material and detailed budget estimates. They will gather responses for their next step, which is to prepare a final proposal for the Parks Commission, and once that is approved by the Parks Commission it will go to Berkeley City Council in June.

There will additional meetings in April, May and June that we will need people to attend and show support. Consider this: once the final decision is made in June, the results will extend until the year 2022 at least, so attending a few meetings now makes a big difference in many peoples’ lives for years to come.

To Visit the City of Berkeley’s website with notes and presentation from Jan 28th meeting, click here


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