SBR infill (crumb rubber) vs. GreenPlay

Hi all,

I’ve been doing some research this week and found out:

  • Crumb rubber has to be disposed of at a hazardous waste facility – another reason we need a safe and non-toxic alternative.
  • It has been implied that only natural infill like GreenPlay Organics would need a pad, but not SBR, therefore that is an additional cost to a natural turf like GreenPlay Organics.  In reality, all turf fields should have a pad.  This improves the G-Max rating.
  • There is no pad that is specific to Greenplay Organics or SBR. There are several pad manufacturers like Brock and Proplay.  A pad will cost approximately $0.50 to $2.00 per square foot installed.
  • The G-Max rating needs to be tested annually by an independent test provider.  It measures the shock-absorption performance of sports surfaces.I found out that crumb rubber has to be disposed of at a hazardous waste facility.
  • See these linked PDF documents for more information about GreenPlay Organics:
    Project info for Lake Tahoe
    Life cycle cost analysis vs. SBR
    Durability comparison vs. Geo plus with rice husk
  • Look for many more articles in our Resources section on site.

Please come to our meeting on Sunday at 10am, if you would like to get more involved with our efforts for a non-toxic infill without crumb rubber.  We are meeting at the home of Kristin Leimkuhler and Jeffrey Wilk.  Email us for address:



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